The New Lady

Back in a time before retouch and Photoshop, there were normal ladies. These ladies wore average gowns and attended ordinary parties. They never spoke out of turn or turned heads with their presence. If one were to look too quickly, they wouldn’t see them at all.

Then, one day a lady by the name of Dru stopped being ordinary. She woke up with a quake in her head and a tingle in her spine. This was the day she pulled out her gown and declared it was too boring for her dancing nerves. Dru tossed it aside and rummaged through her fabrics. She was going to wear something thrilling, something stirring. Grabbing her garment tools, she snipped and sewed and cut until she could not anymore. Once she was done, she couldn’t believe what she had created.

It was striking. It was outlandish. It was the sweet elite look that would be noticed by every gentleman in town. Dru dressed quickly and opened her front door to reveal the new look. It was then that every head turned, every mouth dropped open. This was the day that ladies started wearing pants.

On The Safe Side

I am taking a class on how to deal with fuck buddy marital affairs, because I am almost positive that my husband has been cheating on me for some time now. I first started to suspect it when he started coming home late and even more when he took of for a night last weekend. He has never had a guys night out, now all of a sudden it is every weekend. The funny thing is that none of his friends no about this night out. I have not mentioned anything to my husband about me knowing because I want a solid bust. I don’t want excuses when I tell him I know, I want crazy stuff like phone records, or even pictures. I will find out for sure whats going on, I’m just playing it on the safe side for now.

Bowling Average

When I split up with my daughter’s father I was on a sex spree because I was tied down for over 8 years. He was never home and always hanging out with his friends and of course I was the one stuck home to watch our daughter. It got old with him coming home drunk every weekend or getting the car impounded because he did not have a license.

I had a couple Middlesbrough escorts companions on the side along with a couple of other flings that I met at the bar. My favorite thing to do is go bowling and to drink so I always meet my partners at the bowling alley. I usually eat my dinner there, drink some beer and then head right to sucking down the shots. My game average gets lower and lower as the night goes on. I am so happy that I am single and can do whatever I want to!

A Fun Companion

When I am looking for some adult entertainment I usually will contact Leeds escorts for a fun filled night out on the town. It is very simple because I just make the phone call ahead of time and we meet right at the luxury hotel of my choice. I typically only request one girl that I always have fun with all weekend. I had seen an advertisement about her online profile and was interested immediately.

We have built somewhat of a relationship and go out a couple times a month. I can talk to her and she listens to everything that I have to say and responds with emotion. Usually we will take a stroll in the park or for a long quite walk on the beach. At the end of the night we usually stop for something to eat and have a couple of drinks to winddown for the evening.

Knowing The Truth

I’m not really sure if it’s considered cheating, but last weekend I found out that my wife went out with a guy from Leeds escort agency. She said she only went out to dinner and had a couple of drinks with him but for some reason I am having trouble believing her. I know that she has cheated in the past but it has been 6 years now so I always try to give her the benefit of the doubt. But this time I caught her red handed and I’m just not sure how to handle it all. I have not talked to her yet, but I am planning to over dinner tonight. I plan on listening to every word she has to say but what I will not do is let her straight to my face like she did before. Now that I know all the facts she cannot sit there and tell me what is real and what is not, because I know the truth.